Thursday 17 December 2015

Handheld process calibrators.

Yokogawa has introduced the CA300 Series of handheld process calibrators: a family of three models featuring high accuracy and stability, with each model incorporating a dedicated range of functions for loop diagnosis, thermocouple simulation and RTD (resistance temperature detector) simulation, respectively.

The new models, which supersede the company's existing CA11E voltage/current calibrator and CA12E temperature calibrator, are designed to aid the periodic inspection and calibration of field measurement and control devices in plant maintenance operations.

The accuracy and stability of the new calibrators reflects today's increasing emphasis on the stable and safe operation of plants, where process calibrators are required to be more efficient while offering higher quality. At the same time, the controls themselves are getting more precise, so that the process calibrator has to be more accurate.

The three new models in the CA300 series are the CA310 volt/mA calibrator for loop diagnosis, the CA320 thermocouple calibrator and the CA330 RTD calibrator.

The CA310 is a dedicated process calibrator which is designed to perform transmitter control-loop checks and inspection of the associated devices by providing a 20 mA simulated sink function and by supplying 24 V loop power while simultaneously measuring the output signal precisely. With an accuracy of ±0.015% of reading on both source and measured current and voltage, it is three times more accurate than the earlier CA11E model. A 250 ohm resistance is embedded for HART or BRAIN communication.

The CA320 is a dedicated process calibrator designed for the inspection and calibration of thermocouples and temperature controllers, and again offers a threefold enhancement with a typical accuracy of ±0.5°C for a Type K thermocouple. It is compatible with JIS and IEC standard thermocouples, and also meets the ASTM and GOST-R standards for the inspection and calibration of 16 types of industry standard thermocouples.

The CA330 is a dedicated process calibrator for carrying out inspection and calibration of RTDs. It has double the accuracy of the existing CA12E with a basic accuracy of ±0.3°C, which puts it in the top class of handheld devices for sourcing resistance output and measuring the output of sensors. It is compatible with JIS, IEC and GOST-R standard thermocouples, and meets the standards and regulations for the inspection and calibration of the 14 types of standard RTD.

Each unit measures 90 × 192 × 42 mm and weighs 440 g. A wide range of accessories including power adaptors and a carrying case is available.

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