Friday 4 December 2015

Proper use of strain measurement techniques.

Micro-Measurements®, has  announced its  training session schedule in Britain for 2016. Held at VPG's Micro-Measurements facility in Basingstoke (GB), these practical courses are designed to train customers in the proper use of strain measurement techniques.

The Micro-Measurements courses provide excellent hands-on training for those who use, plan, supervise, or instruct others in stress analysis techniques. Courses being conducted in 2016 include sessions focusing on strain gauges, instrumentation, and transducers.

2016 UK Training Schedule

In the Instrumentation workshop, basic systems and the Wheatstone bridge are reviewed. Participants learn about multiple-channel systems, signal-to-noise ratios, A/D converters, dynamic data acquisition, aliasing and filters, constant voltage and current, leadwire effects, and instrument calibration and linearity. 

The two-day Strain Gauge workshop serves as an introduction to strain gauges and their terminology. The Wheatstone bridge and its uses are discussed, in addition to surface preparation techniques, adhesive systems, leadwire attachment techniques, and the testing of gauge installations.

The Transducer workshop explores the basic Wheatstone bridge, in addition to bending, tension/compression, and shear and torsion measurements. Topics covered include choosing materials, gauges, and adhesives, and the workshop also includes a practical session on bonding and wiring. Simple compensation techniques are reviewed, as well as testing, protection, and calibration.

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