Wednesday 9 December 2015

Estimating plant energy savings easily!

With a long history of involvement in promoting energy savings, Emerson Industrial Automation has invested massively in research into technological solutions and services designed to cut energy bills. On the strength of this expertise, Emerson now presents the Energy Savings Advisor, its new mobile app offering businesses the opportunity to calculate the energy savings that can be achieved on their applications with its high-performance drive solutions.

Highly intuitive, precise and interactive, the Energy Savings Advisor app can be used to estimate and quickly assess the value of potential savings on a motorised application by implementing Emerson's high-efficiency drive solutions, whether its fixed or variable speed ranges, using either induction or permanent magnet synchronous technology.

In addition to the motor on its own or the contribution made by a variable speed drive, the Energy Savings Advisor takes account of the motorised application in its entirety, from the motor to the transmission, including the mechanical or electronic regulation system.

Very easily and in a matter of minutes, the Energy Savings Advisor runs simulations and compares the existing equipment according to different custom scenarios in order to obtain the most relevant analysis and meet a need for energy optimization. The potential savings for the application concerned are immediately calculated and displayed in the form of a graphic overview. A complete report showing a breakdown of the simulation and results obtained can then be sent by e-mail.

The Energy Savings Advisor can also be used to transmit the result of a simulation directly to Emerson's energy optimization experts for more in-depth analysis. They can then suggest adopting a global energy optimization approach for a device or a process by choosing the best-performing drive system for the given application. Emerson's specialists can help businesses identify the best possible options depending on their goals in terms of return on investment or total cost of use, thus contributing to improving the performance of the investments made.

Available in several languages and optimized for the majority of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the Energy Savings Advisor can be downloaded free of charge from the website

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