Tuesday 1 December 2015

Proportional valve for the Analytical and Medical industry.

The small and highly accurate proportional valve offers users an easy-to-integrate solution on a broad range of pressure and flow control applications.

The Preciflow 12.7mm miniature proportional valve by ASCO Numatics has just been introduced by Emerson. The new proportional valve features one of the smallest footprints on the market combined with highly accurate flow control – making it ideal for a broad range of applications, particularly those in the analytical and medical industries.

“Complete with RoHS compliance and a pressure range of -0.9 (vacuum) to 10 bar, our compact Preciflow 12.7mm valve provides medical equipment manufacturers with a versatile product suitable for a range of applications.” said Alain Crampon, Analytical and Medical Business Development Manager for ASCO Numatics. “In addition, thanks to its small size and light weight, the valve is easy to integrate into existing systems, and operation can be customised according to customer requirements.”

The new proportional valve integrates key features that result in reduced wear and tear, considerably increasing its life-span and ensuring its accuracy over time. This includes two internal flat springs that allow the core to float freely, minimising friction during operation.

With typical hysteresis rated at 5%, Preciflow 12.7mm provides accurate and repeatable control. Its suitability for oxygen service use makes it an ideal solution for gas chromatography and mass spectrometry applications, and its low power consumption offers added value to end users

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