Thursday 17 December 2015

Adaptor for push pull connectors.

Harting has introduced a new M12 PushPull adaptor that enables the use of unthreaded connectors in existing applications with a standard flange, thereby allowing quick and secure mating in a highly compact design.

The unthreaded locking mechanism of the M12 PushPull connector allows quick and secure mating without the use of additional tools and indicates correct assembly with a clearly audible click. As a result, the connection retains its robustness and vibration resistance under the most demanding application conditions.

However, because this innovative locking system requires an M12 compatible flange on the device side, it has not previously been possible to use the PushPull system in existing applications. This has changed with the development of the new adaptor. It has a thread on one side which can be screwed into the standard M12 flange. The other side of the adaptor features a flange suitable for the M12 PushPull locking mechanism. This allows the PushPull functionality to be retrofitted to devices with a standard M12 flange.

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