Tuesday 8 September 2015

Software toolkit facilitates complex load monitoring.

Mantracourt has launched a Software Toolkit to accompany its world-renowned LCA20 load cell and strain gauge amplifier, a flexible digital signal conditioning amplifier for single or multiple load monitoring. The new software toolkit enhances the capabilities of the LCA20, enabling easier set up and more advanced control and reporting functions.

The PC based software toolkit is icon driven, making it intuitive and easy to use. Access to the LCA20 is via a simple connector. The LCA toolkit enables configuration and calibration of load cell inputs using up to nine point linearisation. It also allows for the setting of load cell filtering characteristics, and digital input functionality, the configuration of the display and generated output values such as the peak, trough, gross and net. The toolkit also includes functions such as system zero and zero tracking. An equally wide range of functionality is applied to the reporting aspects of the toolkit.

"We work closely with customers all over the world," said Kelly Voysey, Marketing Manager at Mantracourt. "The design of the software toolkit for the LCA20 has been driven by our ambition to provide the very best user experience for our instrumentation products. In this respect, the software toolkit enables operators to set up and undertake the most complex and critical of load monitoring applications, saving valuable time in configuration and ensuring the reliability and the quality of the reported data."

The software tool kit allows a number of output and reporting functions to be configured. For the relay outputs, parameters such as in-flight compensation, hysteresis, latching and inversion are available. For the analogue outputs, the toolkit provides for scaling, gross and net values and error compensation. All collected data can be presented in configurable graph formats and logged to a file for exporting. The data can also be used to trigger alarms.

Mantracourt’s LCA20 software toolkit is available free of charge.

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