Tuesday 22 September 2015

Universal I/O module with embedded Cyber Security.

Keeping with a commitment to deliver Simple, Scalable and Secure™ industrial automation, Bedrock Automation is intruducing its 10-channel Secure Universal I/O Module, SIOU.10, for its Bedrock™ control system.  Every cyber secure channel of the Bedrock SIOU.10 is software programmable to receive field input or output signals for analog, discrete or pulse sensors and field actuators.

Virtual marshalling via universal I/O is the new standard for control system engineering and optimal life cycle ownership.  With deeply embedded cyber security, scalable redundancy and unprecedented technical specifications, our SIOU.10 module is ready to deliver on a new era of automation,” said Bedrock Automation CTO and Engineering VP, Albert Rooyakkers.

Where simplified engineering, lower TCO and cyber security come together
The Bedrock™ SIOU.10 combines the equivalent functionality of multiple I/O module types into a single, software programmable module; all while delivering embedded digital and physical cyber security.

The SIOU.10 plugs into the pinless Bedrock™ Electromagnetic Backplane Module Interconnect (BMI) along with the Secure Control and Communications (SCC) Module and Secure Power Modules (SPM).  The unique pinless BMI forms a galvanic isolation barrier for each of the ten SIOU.10 channels and takes advantage of the Bedrock Black Fabric™ cyber security architecture.  Unlike all other I/O modules available today, which are void of digital and physical cyber hardening, the SIOU.10 delivers deeply embedded cyber encryption and authentication from within.  The benefits to the user include the highest levels of reliability, integrity and safety of any other available I/O module.

A new tier of software configurability
Each channel on the SIOU.10 module is software programmable to receive field input or output signals from analog, discrete or pulse sensors and actuators.  SIOU.10 channels are software configured in the Bedrock Integrated Development Environment (IDE,) where the process engineer can build distributed control system (DCS), SCADA remote transfer unit (RTU) or programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality.

The power of 10
The Bedrock SIOU.10 Secure Universal I/O module includes the following unrivaled specifications:
  • Ten channels of I/O per module
  • Ten channels of software selectable 4-20mA analog input (AI) or analog output (AO)
  • Ten independent HART 7 modems
  • Ten additional integrated AIs to enable AO read back
  • Ten galvanically isolated and regulated 24VDC field power supplies
  • Ten software selectable discrete inputs (DIs) or discrete outputs (DOs)
  • Ten additional integrated DIs to enable discrete output DO read back
  • Ten 10 to 100kHz pulse inputs for pulse meters with software selectable filter and debounce time, frequency period and pulse accumulation
  • Galvanic isolation of over 1000 volts  channel-to-channel (CTC) and channel-to-ground (CTG) on all ten channels
  • Single, Dual or Triple redundancy
  • +/- 0.015% of span accuracy for all analog input AI channels
  • Up to 48VDC DO switching 1 amp per channel,   10 amps per module
  • Embedded electronic fusing for every DO channel with software selectable backoff and retry
  • Software selectable NAMUR DI support
  • Voltage Monitor or Contact Sense DI with software selectable filter and debounce time per channel

The Bedrock SIOU.10 module is designed for users seeking maximum engineering and operational flexibility and cyber security in their industrial control systems.  It will be sales released October 1, 2015  through Bedrock’s  network of system integrators and automation solution providers.  Volume shipments scheduled for early December 2015.

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