Monday 21 September 2015

Lightest heavy-duty RFID label.

Brady Corporation has launched an innovative and ultra-light weight (<2g) RFID label. The self-adhesive label, which can be printed and programmed on-site, is extremely durable and able to resist the abrasion, temperatures and chemicals aircraft are exposed to during production, flight and maintenance.

Ultra-light weight
Brady created an extremely durable identification label with integrated RFID chip that weighs less than 2g. The RFID label functions equally well on metal or composite and flat or curved surfaces, and is able to withstand extreme environmental conditions without the use of an overlaminate. A pressure sensitive adhesive allows for easy attachment to various components.

Print and program on-site
Brady´s on-site RFID print and program solution enables users to simultaneously program the RFID chip and print information on the label at 600 dpi. The intuitive software that accompanies the printer features manual up to fully automated data entry options and an integrated validation process for accurate part marking.  The software is also fully compliant with the aerospace industry ATA Spec 2000. The on-site set up should enable aerospace manufacturers to print & program Brady´s RFID label in under 15 seconds and provides a complete component birth record that travels with the component, making paper component birth documents obsolete.

Full automation

Brady can deliver pre-printed and programmed RFID labels according to manufacturer´s specifications or supply an on-site print & program setup with blank labels for on demand and on-site RFID label creation. Taking it one step further, production lines can be equipped with ERP-linked scanners that read and add information to the RFID chip to enable complete and automated component visibility throughout the assembly line. The strategic data that are generated automatically through an automated RFID set-up enable potential process improvements, increased component production forecast data, reduced safety stocks and increased customer satisfaction.

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