Monday 21 September 2015

Analysers fully approved for use in gas applications!

Servomex has been awarded Tier 1 status on the Linde Global Governance Critical Vendor List.
Following a successful Analytics Symposium held at Linde’s head office in Munich, Germany, several Servomex analyzers have been fully approved for use in gas applications on Linde sites worldwide - without the need for additional testing or qualification.
Chosen on the basis of the industry-leading quality, reliability and capability of Servomex’s analyzers and proprietary sensing technologies, three analyzers have been approved: The SERVOPRO MultiExact 5400 digital multigas analyzer, capable of providing percentage/trace (ppm) oxygen purity and ppm carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements; the SERVOPRO Chroma trace gas analyzer for measuring ppm O2, CO2, hydrogen (H2), nitrogen (N2) or methane (CH4) in Argon (Ar); and percent and ppm O2 measurements using DF-310 high-sensitivity digital O2 analyzer.

Several additional MultiExact measurements for percent O2, trace CO and trace N2, plus a measurement for N2 in Ar using the SERVOPRO Plasma, have been awarded Tier Two status meaning they will undergo approval, laboratory testing and field trials.

Servomex is also working closely with Linde to support further standardization of applications and to help qualify devices used in hydrocarbon processing, electronics manufacture and specialty gases production.

“"We are delighted and honored that Linde has awarded Tier One status to these Servomex analyzers,”" said Patrick Hellberg, Global Linde Account Manager, Servomex. “"We are focused not only on providing Linde the high quality, reliable and trustworthy measurement they demand, but also ensuring our ASU application experience and knowledge is available to help optimize Linde applications wherever it is required.”"

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