Tuesday 29 September 2015

Rugged Ethernet switch.

GE Energy Management’s Intelligent Platforms business has announced the NETernity™ GBX411 Fully Managed 3U VPX Layer 2/3 Ethernet Switch. Offering a variety of combinations of Gigabit Ethernet and 10Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, it allows customers a range of options to meet their network requirements. Its GE Rugged design enables it to be deployed with absolute confidence on air, ground and sea platforms in applications such as surveillance, reconnaissance, radar, sonar and imaging.

The GBX411 – which supports precision time protocol (1588) - is characterized by significant flexibility through its use of GE’s OpenWare™ switch management software, offering comprehensive and powerful management features for Layer 2/3 switching and routing. A wide range of networking protocols and management features is supported, together with extensive capabilities for Multicast, Quality of Service, VLANs, and Differentiated Services. OpenWare™ can also be customized to meet a range of customer requirements. Supported access methods include Telnet, SSH, serial console, SNMP and a Web interface.

The new switch also responds to the growing demand for high security with its access control, authorization and declassification features.
Compliance with the US Army’s VICTORY initiative and specifications for an Ethernet switch is built in to the GBX411’s capabilities.

“The GB411 takes advantage of our 15 years of experience in developing high performance, rugged switches for the most demanding applications,” said Christopher Lever, General Manager, Embedded Product Management at GE’s Intelligent Platforms business. “Importantly, it is backed by the expertise of engineers with enormous proficiency in networking and protocols who have worked with numerous customers to help them bring sophisticated solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively. With the GBX411, our customers are buying much more than just a product – they’re buying the know-how that lies behind it.”

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