Wednesday 2 September 2015

Emissions Sensors improve efficiency.

City Technology, (a Honeywell company), is reporting increasing customer interest in its new emissions sensors ahead of the upcoming heating season in response to performance improvements in combustion efficiency and flue gas analysis.
New Premium 5 Series sensors for high-end flue gas analysis include the 5OxLL long life oxygen sensor and A5F+ high range H2 compensated CO sensor, both conforming to EN50379-2 compliance. Highlight features include 5OxLL’s ability to operate for the whole life of an analyser, while reducing field failures and servicing costs through enhanced stability. The A5F+ CO sensor can monitor up to 20,000ppm, removing the need for a second sensor.

New 4 Series sensors for combustion efficiency in installation and service applications include the 4OxLL long life oxygen sensor and 4F & 4MF carbon monoxide sensors. The 4OxLL long life O2 sensor is designed to match the lifetime of the average analyser, whilst the 4F and 4MF CO sensors offer low and high range measurements and robust internal acid gas filters to ensure operational life in demanding emissions environments.

John Warburton, Strategic Marketing Manager for City Technology comments: “Our new emissions sensors provide the ideal solution for the upcoming heating season, where servicing and appliance testing demands reach their peak. We have incorporated advanced component design, ultra-resistant materials, high activity electrodes and high capacity filters ensuring repeatability, stability and accuracy as well as fastest response times. These aspects ensure that engineers using our sensors can maximise their field efficiency, while also reducing ongoing monitoring costs.”

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