Tuesday 8 September 2015

10.4" TFT open frame monitor.

KOE has announced a range of value added services and product add-ons that can aid and assist display usability and enhance the user experience. Designed for integration into industrial applications and embedded systems, the 'value add' options include projected capacitive touch screens, glass bonding, analogue to digital video cards, high brightness backlights, and semi-custom and custom display development.

Optical bonding technology provides a platform for the implementation of projected capacitive touch screens and protective cover glass. Projected capacitive (P-Cap) touch panel solutions can be considered for applications which require a robust user interface solution offering highly accurate and flexible gesture interactions. Glass bonding coupled with an anti-reflection (AR) or antiglare (AG) surface finish can enable improvements in optical performance. A TFT display featuring a cover glass and surface coating can reduce reflections to less than 0.2% by scattering and absorbing ambient light.

KOE's compact, embedded video driver boards enable a cost-effective and easy-to-use display enhancement. Fully integrated analogue to digital video circuitry supports multiple interface options including VGA, DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort. On-board software provides on-screen display functions for backlight dimming, image scaling and optical adjustments. KOE's embedded video cards enable open frame LCD monitors to be easily integrated into any industrial or commercial application.

Mark Stephenson, technical marketing manager, KOE Europe said, "KOE is introducing a range of display add-ons with the adoption and integration of capacitive touch panels and high brightness backlights, through to the development of analogue to digital video cards and fully integrated open frame monitors to offer an expanded range of display solutions. KOE is aiming to develop and grow its market share in a number of vertical market segments by adding extra value to our display products to deliver easy-to-use, cost-effective, high quality displays solutions for OEMs and systems integrators."

The first 'value-add' display solution to be introduced is a new high brightness open frame TFT LCD monitor. The 10.4-inch TX26D200VM2BHB features SVGA (800 x 600 pixels) resolution and an integrated analogue to digital video driver card to support a VGA D-Sub or DVI-A and DVI-D input. An integrated On-Screen Display (OSD) enables control of an integrated dimming function and image timing synchronisation.

Excellent optical performance is assured with a brightness rating of 1500cd/m² and a LED lifetime of 70K hours to half brightness. The 10.4-inch monitor supports 8-bit RGB providing a colour palette of up to 16.7M colours.

Typical applications include industrial automation, process control, public information systems, digital signage, building management, in-vehicle installations, point-of-sale displays and industrial instrumentation.

The new KOE 10.4-inch TX26D200VM2BHB TFT open frame monitor is available from KOE Europe's distribution partners immediately.

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