Wednesday 9 September 2015

Rotary actuator and sensor.

Festo has launched a new semi-rotary vane drive – the DRVS – with a unique new sensor solution which can be fitted in seconds. This enables machine builders and engineers to save valuable installation time and associated costs, and it provides excellent performance at an attractive price.

The drive has a simple and compact lightweight design and delivers high torque ratings of up to 20Nm. It is powerful even in harsh environments and has an infinitely adjustable swivel angle which means that it gives increased flexibility to the user for up to 90, 180 or 270°.

When combined with the unique SRBS sensor detecting the rotation is made easy. The SRBS is a closed and encapsulated unit that can be quickly assembled and screwed into place, which means it is exceptionally easy to install. Switching points can also be taught electronically by simply pressing a button. As such it provides innovative sensing without the need for mechanical adjustment and manually searching for switching points, thus reducing set-up time.

Sensing is performed magnetically and without contact, and as a result, offers a long service life and reliable operation. The actuator and sensing solution is ideal for simpler flap, divert, escapement type applications in light assembly and packing machines.

“Fitting semi-rotary drives with sensors has never been so easy, reliable, uncomplicated and error-free as they have with the DRVS and SRBS,” says Steve Sands, product manager at Festo. “The sensor offers simple and reliable operation using just one push-button, and when combined with the drives provide simple rotary motions that tell you where they are – first time, every time.”

Mass moment of inertia is the critical sizing criteria for rotary drives, however it is difficult to estimate, which often can lead to risk of premature failure. Over sizing also increases costs and wastes energy. Engineers can also take advantage of Festo’s free software tools to make sure they are sizing their actuator correctly so achieve best performance.

The new DRVS compliments Festo’s existing range of actuators including the DRRD, which is an economical yet robust drive for higher load applications.

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