Friday 25 September 2015

Multichannel optical module evaluations.

Anritsu Corporation has launched the new BERTWave MP2100B, an all-in-one test set with integrated BERT and sampling oscilloscope for developing and manufacturing Optical Modules. The MP2100B is successor to the company’s popular MP2100A and provides even more efficient evaluation of multichannel Optical Modules.

Data Centres are urgently increasing the transmission capacity of their servers and network devices to meet the exploding demand for Cloud Computing services. So the demand for R&D into high-speed transmission technologies and manufacturing of high-speed devices is growing, and with it comes the need to assure the integrity of signals passing via these high-speed devices. The newly developed BERTWave MP2100B supports simultaneous BER Measurements and Eye Pattern Analyses, and so a single MP2100B set can measure all the parameters required for evaluating Optical Modules and Optical Devices used by optical communication systems.

Unlike conventional systems for BER Measurements and Eye Pattern Analyses requiring two separate measurement instruments, just one MP2100B will support all the necessary test features, helping cut equipment costs by as much as 40%. Furthermore, the addition of an optical switch and optical attenuator as optional accessories makes this new release a full-featured total measurement solution for evaluating multichannel Optical Modules and Optical Devices.

To support the faster measurement speeds required by the optical module and device manufacturing markets, a new Fast Sampling Mode with speeds up to 150 ksample/s performs Eye Pattern Analyses like the Eye Mask Test up to 1.5 times faster than legacy models. Additionally, the MP2100B built-in Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) can be upgraded to 4 channels for simultaneous BER Measurements of multichannel Optical Modules, such as QSFP+, etc., cutting measurement times by up to 80% compared to legacy models.

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