Tuesday 29 September 2015

Co-operation enables managing streaming sensor data in real-time.

Emerson Process Management and OSIsoft have introduced the OSIsoft PI Connector for HART-IP, a link between HART field devices and OSIsoft’s PI System enterprise software infrastructure for managing streaming sensor data in real-time.

The PI Connector for HART-IP automatically and seamlessly maps wired and WirelessHART® devices to the asset structure in the PI Server, eliminating effort and chances for error. It enables end users to gain benefits from their intelligent field networks faster, more easily, and at lower overall cost.

Emerson is developing and deploying numerous diagnostic and optimisation packages that analyse field device information to help improve process management, energy consumption and plant safety and reliability. The PI Connector for HART-IP leverages the widely used PI System to serve up information to these application suites.

The connector was jointly developed as an integral extension of OSIsoft’s capability. The PI Connector for HART-IP reduces the cost and effort needed to access and use information from Emerson’s Smart Wireless Gateways and HART multiplexers. Prior to this release, some information from HART devices was only available through OPC connections that had to be made on a time consuming point-by-point basis. With the PI Connector for HART-IP all of the necessary linkages populate to their respective applications automatically, giving the user instant access to valuable process and diagnostic information.

The software is based on the widely used Microsoft operating system and is both modular and highly scalable. It can run on its own server or on the PI System infrastructure hardware. Information from wireless gateways and multiplexers goes directly to the PI System and is not dependent on the plant’s basic process control system.

“The PI Connector is part of a much larger and comprehensive Pervasive Sensing strategy,” said Bob Karschnia, vice president of wireless for Emerson. “It will be critical in the support of a myriad of essential asset monitoring, energy, performance, overall equipment effectiveness and asset reliability modules that deliver significant value to our customers.”

“Emerson is a strategic OEM Partner of OSIsoft,” said Martin Otterson, senior vice president of sales, marketing and industry at OSIsoft. “We are excited to work together to support the growth of the Industrial IoT, utilising each of our strengths to maximum effect. Drawing on Emerson’s experience with intelligent field devices and their software applications and OSIsoft’s expertise in software data infrastructures for sensor-based real-time data, this connector provides an essential building block for IoT that will significantly enhance operational intelligence in the processing and manufacturing industries.”

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