Friday 10 July 2015

Precise and fast!

In modern production processes, two things are critical: precision and speed. Time-based IOs such as Siemens' technology module TM Timer DIDQ enable microsecond- accurate signal acquisition and/or output based on accurate time information. As of now, these modules can also be configured using Simotion Scout and Simotion Scout TIA, increasing productivity and at the same time saving costs.
Time-based IO can be configured directly
in Simotion Scout & Simotion Scout TIA

Bottling, filling, pouring or packaging. In production machinery – such as packaging machines – it is all about speed. The faster a machine is, the higher the productivity. But this also makes controlling the individual product stages all the more difficult. Automation systems like the Simotion Motion Control System make configuring motion processes easy and efficient. As of now, it is also possible to program time-based IOs in Scout and Scout TIA.

Intuitive symbolic engineering Time-based technology modules enable microsecond-accurate signal output. They make precise placement of glue points on packaging possible even in packaging machines running at high throughput speeds, for instance. This makes production processes more precise and faster, with switching points being set based on practical position values. Time-controlled activation enables signal acquisition and output independently of the PLC cycle, avoiding high costs for more powerful controllers and, at the same time, saving valuable engineering time because configuration is intuitive and symbolic.

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