Monday 20 July 2015

Radiometer/ Photometers range to be discontinued!

As a result of G&H Instruments' continuing effort to optimise the value and performance of their instrumentation solutions, we announce the immediate discontinuation of the OL 730 Radiometer/Photometer Series, including the following models:

  • OL 730C
  • OL 730CV
  • OL 730D
  • OL 730
The OL 731, as well as their line of detectors and detector packages, are still available.  The company will continue to provide services for all of these products to accommodate the current and future needs of their customers.

As part of this commitment, They will offer a last time buy opportunity as specified below:
  • All purchase orders must be received within the next six months (final order date 31 Dec 2015)
  • We guarantee service for the next seven (7) years, through 2022
  • We will continue to recalibrate and recertify radiometers 
"This change is part of a strategic shift in our product line strategy to provide a broader focus on other areas of photonics and to allow us to offer newer products in keeping with customers' changing requirements.  As we strive to enhance and introduce our latest innovations, we will continue to maintain our commitment to our customers.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and we look forward to continuing to support your test, measurement, and analysis needs.  We hope that our new product lines will allow us to strengthen our working relations and provide you with better solutions in the future."

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