Tuesday 21 July 2015

Virtual information portal opens possibilities for automation sector!

A world class maintenance tool for the industrial automation market has been announced by Wunderlich-Malec Engineering Inc. (WM). VIP Services® (Virtual Information Portal) is a mobile app that was designed to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, attain Key Performance Indicators and increase productivity – All in the palm of your hand!

“We are very excited about our VIP Services® Initiative. We are confident that with the combination of our new mobile app plus our proven integration and programming capabilities, our customers will realize true savings and productivity. Our value-added efforts will focus on custom reporting and informational dashboards addressing our customer’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The real time information will greatly assist our customers in their pursuit to save time and money.” says Joel Gil, Director of Business Development, VIP Services Business Unit, WM.

Reducing Downtime Saving Time and Money
Time is often lost when technicians leave the work area to find resources, such as schematics, procedures or other data to complete a task.

VIP Services®
Links all equipment to all its relevant data and information resources via a programmed VIP POI (Point of Interest). Each VIP POI provides specific and accurate information for the technician at the equipment where needed information is time critical.

Improving Communication for Quicker Decision Making
Communications about production downtime issues and their resolution using traditional channels (email or phone) is often unclear or delayed until the correct resource can come onsite and ‘see’ the issue in real time.

VIP Services® - Shows the problem, complete with all relevant process data and resources to the subject matter expert who can support the local technician with better communications for quicker problem resolution.

“For over 33 years, WM’s success has been built around our strong customer commitment. VIP Services® solidifies this commitment by creating a technology-based solution that helps our customers reduce unscheduled downtime and increase their productivity.” says Neal Wunderlich, President, WM.

• Wunderlich-Malec has created a new VIP Services® business unit headquartered in Houston, Texas to deliver complete turnkey VIP Services® Solutions.

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