Monday 20 July 2015

Operators can create log entries, manage tasks, and collaborate directly.

Emerson Process Management’s Logbooks, an electronic database of operator log entries, can now be embedded in the DeltaV distributed control system interface to improve task management and enable more effective shift handovers with real-time visibility to active entries. Users can access Logbooks directly from their DeltaV workstations to view shift-based dashboards that highlight relevant log entries for the operations team.

“Emerson is committed to making the daily life of plant operators easier,” said Claudio Fayad, director DeltaV platform management, Emerson Process Management. “By integrating electronic logbooks in the control system and automating creation of log entries, we can help operators not only gain a knowledge base of events, but also improve event response”

Task management with Logbooks helps operators respond more quickly to high priority tasks. With event monitoring, logbook entries are automatically created from DeltaV events. These entries can then trigger additional tasks in the system or flag issues to raise attention. The shift dashboard displays task status and existing flags to ensure necessary work is not missed.

Operators can easily identify their priority tasks with Logbooks with a customised dashboard for each user. Relevant log entries and assigned tasks are displayed and responsibilities are clearly defined for the operator. Communication between operators and managers is streamlined and operators can more effectively plan and prioritise work. The task-based actions make work planning, comment capture, and report generation easy.

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