Monday 27 July 2015

Protecting fragile portable instruments!

In Wild Water Racing, Great Britain has a long established history of competing with distinction at an international level. 

GB Wild Water Racing (WWR) have chosen to transport their timing equipment, to and from races throughout Britain & Europe, in the safety of a Nanuk portable waterproof protective case from Leafield.

The kit, which incorporates costly and somewhat fragile components, such as photocells and timing displays, is valuable and the team were keen to provide it with optimum protection.

It was imperative that all the kit, including tripods and cables, be kept and transported as a single unit because it was not unknown for items to be lost in transit when shipped individually. Total weight of contents was some 30 kilos so a case with integral wheels and pull handle was preferred.

The Nanuk 960 meets the requirements exactly with an internal dimension of L559mm x W432mm x H328mm. The case was supplied with several layers of “pick and pluck” foam so that each individual contents item could be cushioned effectively.

Waterproof and dust proof to IP 67 and manufactured from impact resistant, NK-7 resin, NANUK durable, hard sided cases are built to absorb the shocks without damaging the case or more importantly its contents.

The patented PowerClaw latching system used on all Nanuk cases is engineered to keep the case closed during the toughest of missions, yet open easily with one hand.

“"In the waterside environment in which we operate, its reassuring to have a completely waterproof case,"” said Jon Finch of Wild Water Canoeing. "“It keeps the kit ‘all together’ and makes set-up quicker and easier. I'’m sure we couldn’t have chosen better protection.”"

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