Tuesday 21 July 2015

Display backlight lifetime extended.

Ginsbury has announced that Kyocera is to increase the LED backlight lifetime in twenty-six of its TFT LCD modules. The Japanese display manufacturer will increase the backlight lifetime to 100,000 hours across a range of displays to provide greater usability and improved reliability.

The long-life backlight portfolio includes display modules from Kyocera's range of Advanced Wide View (AWV) displays, Super High Brightness (SHB) panels and a number of popular standard modules. Display module sizes range from 4.3-inch to 12.1-inch displays. All extended lifetime modules feature an extended operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C.

Neville Milward, Director, Ginsbury explained, “Kyocera's display development strategy is to design and produce displays for the industrial market. In simple terms this means display modules with high reliability characteristics and an extended operating lifetime."

The improved efficiency of the backlights in the Kyocera display modules has enabled an increase the lifetime of the display. The enhanced modules are particularly suited for applications that require continuous 24-hour operation over extended periods in harsh environments.

Kyocera is also starting to employ a company-wide environmental strategy to reduce electrical waste, produce more reliable, longer lasting displays and ensure the long term availability of existing display modules.

All Kyocera TFT displays with extended backlight lifetime are available from Ginsbury immediately.

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