Friday 10 July 2015

Home and factory automation online.

Mouser Electronics, Inc. has announced a new update to its Industrial Applications Site by featuring new resources devoted to the popular topic of home and factory automation. 

This exciting addition to the applications site provides electronic design engineers with information, resources, and technologies related to the latest advances in home and factory automation, including the newest components available from the company for building leading-edge automation systems. The timely site update coincides with the recent launch of Mouser’s latest Empowering Innovation Together™ Series with Grant Imahara on Factory and Home Automation.

The new updates to the Industrial Applications Site include three block diagrams featuring home and factory automation applications. A Multimedia Entry System for home or factory transfers live audio and video to a remote location, can be connected wired or wirelessly, and can run on very low power. An Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor Node Block Diagram shows how IoT is being used to interconnect embedded systems, bringing together two evolving technologies: wireless connectivity and sensors. The third diagram in the Home Automation section is for an Electronic Thermostat, which can keep track of the local time and the day of the week, and can be programmed with temperature profiles that help minimize energy expenses.

At a glance, users get access to detailed block diagrams, including the components of each of the home and factory automation applications. Clicking on a block in the diagram pulls up a Mouser-stocked parts list, providing the recommended pieces of the system at a glance, saving time and research. Mouser Electronics’ Industrial Applications site also offers up-to-date technical articles, application notes, white papers, and more.

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