Thursday 23 July 2015

Collaboration ends - but still good friends!

Usually our pages feature amalgamations or new partnerships. This time we report on a parting of the ways - albeit an amicable one.

Industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems and Stemmer Imaging, IDS partner of many years, are bringing their collaboration to an end. For many years, Stemmer Imaging has played an important role in the success of IDS being their retail partner for Great Britain, France and Scandinavia. IDS industrial cameras have enabled Stemmer Imaging to deliver on its strategy of being an independent core technology supplier for machine vision, offering all necessary products and services to build optimised machine vision solutions.

Torsten Wiesenger
As the market landscape for industrial cameras has changed in recent years, both company´s goals have become less aligned and hence the agreement to change the relationship.

A transition period of two years will guarantee that existing customers receive the best possible support and that current projects are brought successfully to a close. As of now, the camera manufacturer is accepting new projects directly. As of 1 July 2017, IDS products will be available solely from the manufacturer in the countries listed above. However, the two companies may still draw on each other's expertise for future customer-specific projects where a combined solution is in the best interests of the customer. IDS plans to expand its bases in Britain and France and to invest in the Scandinavian market.

 “Separation always comes with a taste of failure but I want to emphasise that wasn't the case this time”, explains Torsten Wiesinger, CEO of IDS. “Even now, we continue to work together very harmoniously and successfully. Despite that, market forces have dictated this next step. We believe this is the only way to ensure that our customers remain front and center. And this will serve as a basis for the future growth of both companies.” 

Christof Zollitsch, CEO at Stemmer Imaging, explains his company's position as follows: “The focus of the two companies is moving in different directions. That's why we, like IDS, are convinced that our customers will ultimately benefit most from each company focusing on its individual strengths.” 

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