Monday 13 July 2015

I/O connectors distribution in Britain announced!

MH Connectors has concluded a distribution agreement with  Azcon CSL Ltd., a high-service distributor broadly specialising in electro mechanical technologies.
L-r;  Paul Newman, Managing Director and Jackie Vince, Business Development Manager, Azcon CSL with Ian White, Business Development Manager North Europe, EDAC Europe
Azcon CSL is tasked with furthering customer service and support for MH Connector products throughout Britain. Azcon's hi-service business model mandates that the distributor will establish and maintain extensive stock levels of MH's highly regarded D-Sub and hood/backshell devices.

Announcing the new appointment, Ian White - newly appointed Regional Business Development Manager for North Europe with MH Connectors parent company EDAC Europe - said that MH Connector I/O products are the perfect complement to the range of electro mechanical technologies Azcon already supplies: "Azcon has an enviable reputation as a highly reliable 'kitting' supplier for Stock and Supply, Consignment Stock and Kanban manufacturing practices and supports its service with a number of unique supply-chain and logistical add-ons,"  he said. "Industry archivists credit Azcon as the originator of the Electronic Component Kitting system back in the 1980s and the company has led the evolution of the concept ever since."

Welcoming the addition of MH Connectors to his company's catalogue, Managing Director Paul Newman said that Azcon CSL has over 30 years experience in supplying high quality electro-mechanical technologies including; terminal blocks, fuses/fuse holders, control products, transformers, relays and enclosure products: "Customers recognise Azcon as a supplier they can rely on. I'm delighted that we will now also be able to fulfil their requirements for advanced connector products, which we will deliver to their manufacturing lines within the tightest timescales and with the lowest acquisition costs".

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