Monday 27 July 2015

CEO for imaging company!

The executive board of IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has appointed Daniel Seiler as CEO, effective July 1st 2015. Together with Torsten Wiesinger, the graduate engineer will take operational responsibilities for the manufacturer of industrial cameras in Obersulm (D). Company founder and managing partner, Jürgen Hartmann, concentrates on facilitating the infrastructure necessary for the growth and the substantial development of the company.

Daniel Seiler
Seiler joined IDS in 2005. “With Daniel Seiler´s extensive experience in this industry IDS gets a CEO who has been involved in IDS’ development for 10 years and has already significantly influenced the company by setting up our US business,” says Hartmann. “In Obersulm he will primarily take care of the production, purchase and logistics departments and infrastructure.” 

According to Jürgen Hartmann, Seiler is the perfect complement to the current CEO and colleague Torsten Wiesinger. After five successful years in this role, Wiesinger will now focus on the development of new products as well as on the expansion of international sales structures. “Preparing for further growth and building on our strengths are our tasks to continue playing a pioneering role in the market,” declares Wiesinger.

Industrial camera manufacturer, IDS has developed at a rapid pace. In 2014, the company achieved a sales increase of approx. 20 % compared with the previous year, far exceeding the market average. This year the company expects another record-breaking set of results.

Jürgen Hartmann
The corporate culture, shaped by Jürgen Hartmann, plays a key role for this sustainable business success. Daniel Seiler knows this culture well. “IDS remains true to itself, through all the changes. I will contribute to keeping our work enjoyable while doing what we do best: building good cameras and providing the best user experience in the vision market”, he said.

“With this extended managing board we are well prepared for the targeted growth,” Hartmann is convinced. Currently, IDS employs nearly 200 staff members and has own subsidiaries in USA and Japan as well as offices in France and Britain. The product range covers digital industrial cameras with USB or GigE interfaces.

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