Tuesday 28 July 2015

Control training course for Scotland.

Registration is now open for the Advanced Control Systems Training Course being held on the 22nd - 25th September 2015 in Glasgow City Centre (GB).

This four day training course will introduce control systems design techniques for applications that are severely nonlinear, requiring control that is more advanced than classical PID. Computer-based exercises are used throughout so that attendees get hands-on experience with the methods. Please note that individual days can be selected, should you not need every topic covered.

The course will start by covering Kalman Filter algorithms and their implementation as an observer and parameter estimation, as advanced control often relies on plant models and state estimates. The Extended Kalman Filter is specifically useful for nonlinear systems and their control.

This will be followed by an overview of popular industrial techniques for nonlinear control systems design, and will introduce a new family of nonlinear industrial controllers referred to as Nonlinear Generalised Minimum Variance (NGMV). These new NGMV controllers are simple to derive theoretically and easy to implement, and can extend to include optimal and predictive features.

The third day will cover model predictive control (MPC) which the most popular advanced control technique adopted by the industry. Its popularity stems from the capability to handle constraints and an optimal control framework. The extension to nonlinear MPC will then be presented, including some new methods with simpler implementation than other approaches such as on-line linearisation or adaption. Application examples will be used to illustrate the various methods. A brief overview on the current trends in Nonlinear Predictive Control will conclude the course.

• They are offering an Early Bird Discount if registration is completed 2 weeks before the scheduled start date of the training course. Agenda, registration and prices can be found here.

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