Tuesday 15 July 2014

Fits through any keyhole!

The Sitrans LH100 from Siemens is a slim but highly robust submersible sensor for hydrostatic level and pressure measurement for use in tanks, containers, channels and wells. Measuring just 23.4 millimeters in diameter, the sensor can even be mounted in pipes with a 1 inch diameter, making it ideal for flexible use in a wide range of applications.

Ceramic diaphragm
Sitrans LH100 is designed to work with different measurement ranges, for instance up to 20 meters hydrostatic head, and is used to measure both pressure and level. Fitted with a ceramic diaphragm, the new submersible sensor is insensitive to harsh environments.

Explosive atmosphere and drinking water applications
Complete with certification to WRAS and ACS standards, Sitrans LH100 is particularly suited for use in drinking water applications, and in pressureless or open tanks and wells. The transmitter comes with explosion protection in accordance with ATEX and IEC Ex, and is also suited for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, for instance in digestion towers or fuel tanks.

The sensor is available with cable lengths ranging from three to a maximum of fifty meters in length. The Sitrans LH100 is also fitted with an integrated humidity filter, permitting simple installation without the need for a junction box.

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