Wednesday 9 July 2014

Partnership promotes automated report generation!

Ocean Data Systems has announced that B-SCADA Inc. (OTC:MOBS) has joined the Dream Report "Proven Partner" program and is recommending Dream Report as their solution for automated report generation.

As Proven Partners, B-SCADA and Ocean Data Systems have tested their combined products and will collaborate to support their joint customers. B-SCADA delivers SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solutions and services for Windows and the Web. Dream Report communicates directly with the B-SCADA through their specialized Web Service and will access both real-time and Historian data. Dream Report then offers the ability analyze, format and deliver their data in the form of reports as PDF, CSV and Excel files, emailed, transferred via FTP and posted to the Dream Report interactive Web Portal.

"B-SCADA addresses a wide range of vertical markets," explains Roy Kok, vice president of Ocean Data Systems. "One thing they all have in common, is the need to capture information for compliance and performance reporting. Dream Report is the ideal solution for report generation in the automation market."

"We know of many applications that would benefit from the flexibility and ease of use that Dream Report delivers," says Ron DeSerranno, president of B-SCADA. "We've commissioned the development of B-SCADA interfaces to be included in the standard addition of Dream Report. This collaboration makes perfect sense for us in support of our joint customers, and the Dream Report Proven Partner program is a great way to display our collaboration."

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