Monday 28 July 2014

HMI simplifies geeky PID control!

"We try to simplify really geeky topics such as PID loop control. So it is with much satisfaction that we report that our engineers have created new software to sit on the REVO human machine interface (HMI) touch panel colour display that will interface with the REVO-TC thyristor package and simplify things further still." So says Jez Watson MD at CD Automation

CD Automation’s REVO-TC is a single loop temperature control and power solution that dramatically reduces wiring costs and cabinet size. The REVO TC combines a PID temperature controller, solid state relay (thyristor), quick blow fuse protection and current monitoring, all in a compact single loop package.

With the new REVO HMI for REVO TC, up to 30 zones can be monitored from a 4.3, 7, or 10 inch colour display to show trends and manage recipes. There is also a warm-up planner and multiple languages including English, German, Italian and French.

Each product can manage up to 30 loops and the operator page can display four or eight loops depending on the HMI and setup of the project. Tapping the zone description area gives access to an advanced parameter and setup page for each zone.

The four or eight loop page display features a zone description that can be edited by the user, on-off pushbutton, set-point display and setting, temperature measured display, power output value, generic alarm status, deviation graph and trend display push button for each zone.

An advanced operating page provides process and alarm information for each loop. Moving from zone to zone can easily be achieved by using the forward and back arrow keys.

Control parameters comprise proportional band, integral time, derivative time, cooling gain, overlap for proportional band, pre-tune activation and self-tune activation.

Each loop can have a dedicated trend page that provides a graphical time display of set-point value and temperature control response. A 15 minute log can be shown at any one time on a maximum of 24 operating pages, including four graphical displays.

An Jez concludes, "Off course, you may pride yourself in being a geek, in which case you might not want a REVO HMI, particularly if your geek code is e+++++. However if your geek code is e+ to e--, you may want to contact us and ask us about REVO HMI. "

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