Wednesday 9 July 2014

Energy efficiency portal!

Fluke has developed an Energy Efficiency portal on its web site to help maintenance professionals understand ways to manage energy efficiency in a facility in order to save money. It provides guidance in the use of Fluke tools to identify electrical waste, production process waste and building infrastructure waste and ways in which to minimise them. Just one of a series of ‘Solution Centers’ which contain a library of information and programs, the Energy Efficiency content will be frequently updated with new information, so users are advised to add this link to their favourites list. The portal also provides links to relevant Fluke Academy seminars that run throughout the year in various locations across Britain and Ireland.

A short video introduces four engineers discussing their everyday need to measure energy in order to save money for their employers and customers. Five following sections provide access to further video clips, Application Notes, diagrammatic hints and suggested Fluke tools for the following:

1. Inspecting loose or corroded connections
How to detect faults in electrical equipment that can cause abnormal electrical energy losses.

2. Electrical Waste
Measuring energy and tracking energy use to reduce energy costs.

3. Production Process Waste
The size and type of production processes in a facility have a big impact on what kind of energy waste there is.

4. Building Infrastructure Waste
Fluke tools help to evaluate energy efficiency in buildings.

5. Energy basics
What is energy?

Fluke tools referred to include Power Analysers, Power Loggers, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Vibration Meters and Testers, as well as Air Monitoring and Light Meters.

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