Friday 25 July 2014

Developing a TUS sSolution!

Ocean Data Systems has been selected by Yokogawa to develop a specialised Thermal Uniformity Survey (TUS) reporting solution to accompany their broad range of data recorder products.

Sample TUS Stability-Report
Thermal Uniformity Surveys are carried out to validate that heat treating processes are delivering quality and repeatability to meet a number of standards including SAE International Standard AMS2750E, Rolls Royce Standard RPS953, British Standard BS2M54, Boeing D38510-1 and D6-49327 and others. Yokogawa recorder models DX, FX, GX and GP are commonly used in the data acquisition during Thermal Uniformity Surveys. Their resulting survey data will automatically be collected by a new TUS reporting solution and analysed for quality before a final report is automatically generated. This solution will address both end users that perform their own TUS audits and those that offer TUS testing services.

“As a leader in the data acquisition market, we are commonly asked for concise report generation based on TUS run data. We’ve offered Excel=based tools in the past, but would like to offer a more reliable and fit-for-purpose solution,” said Aaron Lee, Product Manager for Yokogawa Corporation of America. “We feel Ocean Data Systems, makers of Dream Report, is an excellent partner to develop a custom TUS solution for us.”

“This is a very exciting opportunity for ODS,” said Roy Kok, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Ocean Data Systems. “We already offer Setpoint Analysis statistics in our standard Dream Report product. We also have experience in developing productivity tools (Wizards) around our Dream Report engine, to address specific vertical markets and applications. The development of a TUS Reporting tool for Yokogawa is a straightforward project and we expect delivery to Yokogawa in the July/August timeframe.”

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