Wednesday 9 July 2014

Slim power supply units!

Siemens has launched two particularly slim, powerful and energy-efficient power supply units in the shape of the new Sitop PSU8200 5 A and 10 A. The single-phase power supplies, featuring 5 A or 10 A of rated output current respectively, expand the "Sitop modular" product range for high-end 24 V DC applications. Thanks to the wide input voltage ranges from 85 V to 132 V AC, and 170 V to 264 V AC, they can be connected to power systems worldwide. The power supply units are characterized by a slim design (45 mm for the 5 A version and 55 mm for the 10 A version), high efficiency of up to 94 percent, and high overload capability. They are therefore especially suitable for industrial environments with exacting reliability and functionality requirements, such as in car production, or in special-purpose machine manufacturing. They can be used in a temperature range of -25 to +70 degrees Celsius.

The new power supply units in rugged metal enclosures offer extensive functions such as automatic voltage switching for operation on single-phase 120 V and 230 V AC networks. With an overload capability of three times the rated current for 25 ms and 1.5 times the rated current for 5 s, they feature large power reserves for brief overload situations, such as for high inrush currents. Their high efficiency of up to 94 percent ensures low energy consumption and reduced heat losses. In addition,they can be switched on and off by remote access, to save energy during breaks, for example. Thanks to the integrated signaling contact, the power supply unit can be integrated quickly and easily into the plant monitoring system. The status LEDs for "DC ok.", "Over Load" and "Shut Down" indicate the operating state of the power supply. The installation area can be minimized due to the narrow width of 45 mm on the 5 A version, and 55 mm on the 10 A version that requires no installation clearances to neighboring devices. The 10 A version is the narrowest power supply unit in its performance class. Users can also expand the power supply with Sitop redundancy modules, selectivity modules, buffer modules and DC UPS modules, thus increasing its reliability even more.

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