Friday 25 July 2014

Regulators with integrated bypass valves help reduce downtime & maintenance costs!

Pressure control solution for offshore hydraulic power unit applications

Emerson Process Management has released the TESCOM 50-4000 series regulators. The 50-4000 series is engineered to provide accurate and consistent pressure control performance for the subsea wellhead control system, even in the most demanding ultra-deep water installations.

The 50-4000 is designed with an integrated bypass valve that transitions from high flow to precision control at a pre-set pressure. This enables accurate control of high-pressure water glycol for offshore hydraulic power unit applications, while decreasing subsea wellhead control system pressurisation time by up to one-third.

The robust design of this product solves many challenges that deep-water customers face, including slow umbilical fill rates, unreliable and inaccurate regulator performance, increasing failure rates, and high maintenance costs. The 50-4000 precisely controls pressure across large flow variations up to 1034 bar/15,000 psig, enabling it to reduce hydraulic power unit high-pressure components, leak paths and maintenance costs while eliminating complex start-up procedures.

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