Friday 25 July 2014

HMIs with multi-touch function and gesture control!

Improved user-friendliness, expanded functionalities, high cost-efficiency and optimum integration in Mitsubishi Electric’s Automation portfolio – these are the features of the new GOT2000 HMI series from Mitsubishi Electric Europe. The successor to the tried and tested GOT1000 HMI range will increase plant productivity and energy efficiency and reduce total operating costs. In particular, the models from the GT27 series which are the successors to the GT16 range are characterised by an intuitive operating concept with multi-touch function and gesture control. The HMIs from the GT23 series offer a balanced price/performance ratio. They are now offering models without a USB connection on the white front panel for the first time in direct response to requirements from the food industry.

The fully updated GOT2000 series hardware and software have been designed based on current customer requirements. Improved basic functions enable a higher level of performance and plant efficiency to be achieved. The new faster processor in the GT27 operating panels gives them twice the monitoring and boot speed of the GT16 series. There is also four times more internal storage capacity. The new HMIs have an intuitive operating concept with multi-touch function and gesture control. Users can even enlarge windows for easier operation or press two buttons at the same time while wearing gloves, for example.

Mitsubishi Electric has also expanded the range of communication options offered by its new GOT2000 series. Along with Ethernet, two serial interfaces (RS232 and RS22/485) and the SD card slot, USB connections on the front or back allow greater flexibility and additional functionality provided includes the backup and restore function for parameters and programs. An optional WLAN interface enables the HMI to be accessed remotely via PCs and tablets. Just like their predecessors, the GOT2000 operating panels are also equipped with the special FA transparency function, enabling PCs connected via the HMI to establish a direct link to Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (FA) devices such as PLCs, frequency inverters or servo motors.

The GT27 range of HMIs features 8.4-, 10.4- and 12.1-inch high-resolution displays with 65,536 colours. The 15 inch is available from next month. The GT23 HMI are now available in 8.4- and 10.4-inch models, while the GT25 middle range will also be available from next month. Screen design can be carried out using the latest GT Works3 software which also forms part of the iQ Works integrated development environment. The work involved in screen design can be reduced considerably by using the ready-made templates provided in GT Works3.

Andre Hartkopf, European Product Manager HMI / PLC / Software at Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s Factory Automation – European Business Group, explains: “The plug-and-play system of the GOT2000 series provides compatibility with all Mitsubishi Electric automation products and the PLC parameterisation via HMI ensures optimized integration. These functionalities give users maximum flexibility in plant design while reducing engineering development costs at the same time. The GOT2000 series is also backward compatible: the dimensions of the models are identical to their predecessors and existing GOT1000 project data can be transferred to the new HMIs quite easily. All these feature support significant cost savings and a user-friendly migration.”

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