Tuesday 1 July 2014

Moisture analyser plays key role in Germany’s sustainable energy plan!

A key energy company in Germany has chosen Michell Instruments’ Promet I.S. process moisture analyser to monitor moisture levels in bio-methane before it is injected into the grid to ensure that it meets the correct quality standards.

Biogas is saturated with moisture immediately after production, as well as having other undesirable components such as CO2. Before it can be used as a fuel away from the production site, it needs to be scrubbed of the contaminants and dried. When it is destined to be upgraded to bio-methane and injected into the grid with natural gas, precise measurements of moisture are vital as it will need to meet tight quality standards. For transmission into the local distribution network in Germany, the bio-methane needs to meet the moisture levels permitted by the DVGW G260 Code of Practice. For distribution networks, this is 200mg/m3 at less than 10barg pressure (267 ppmV).

The Promet I.S. was selected for this task because it has a proven track record of monitoring moisture during the processing of natural gas, as well as for quality checks of gas in the network and transmission pipeline. It has an accuracy of ±1°C dew point, and measures reliably in pressures up to 450 barg. The unit is certified for hazardous areas around the world, including ATEX, FM, CSA, IECEx as well as GOST.

Michell design and supply sampling systems fully equipped with filtration and sample conditioning to ensure reliable measurements and prolong the life of the sensor. The Promet uses Michell’s ceramic moisture sensor which is highly resistant to contamination and provides long term stability in process applications. The sensor is part of their sensor exchange programme, which greatly reduces the cost of ownership. With the exchange programme, a freshly calibrated sensor is sent out and swapped for the old sensor that is due to for recalibration, which keeps process down-time to a minimum. Where traceability is needed, Michell provide a fast and efficient calibration service, with traceability to national standards.

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