Saturday, 24 September 2011

Quick ship valves!

The Quick Ship programme of Emerson Process Management has now been extended to cover selected Fisher® valves, assemblies and parts. Fast delivery of replacement products and spare parts is critical to keeping any plant running at maximum efficiency and Emerson’s Quick Ship programme supplies critical products and spares on reduced lead times so that customers can minimise costly down time.

Reduced lead times for Fisher valves,
selected valve assemblies and parts
Initially launched to cover Rosemount® temperature and pressure transmitters, then extended to include Rosemount and Micro Motion® flow products, Emerson has now established a dedicated Fisher Europe Quick Ship team that will check the availability of parts and manufacturing resources to meet the customers requested lead time.

The premium Quick Ship programme offers customers a reduced lead time for Fisher valves, and a lead time of less than three days on selected valve assemblies and parts. The Quick Ship option is available on Fisher sliding stem valves up to 6”, rotary valves up to 10” and butterfly valves up to 12”.

Quick Ship orders follow a different route through order processing and on to the dedicated Quick Ship workshop and team, in order to meet the agreed delivery time. To ensure that Quick Ship orders are fulfilled within the shortest possible timescale, Emerson has made a significant investment in the resources and infrastructure at its facilities in Székesfehérvár, Hungary.

As part of the Quick Ship programme, Emerson’s new Installed Base Tool offers major customers on-line access to their installed valves based on tag and serial numbers. This allows customers to select parts for individual valves with prices and lead-times. The tool also enables 24/7 on-line ordering of parts. 

The Installed Base Tool is being further developed to allow customers to upload valve information including certificates, pictures, history, diagnostics reports and even schedule maintenance or service calls directly.

“The start-up of the Fisher Europe Quick Ship programme has already helped many customers get replacement products and parts on site quickly,” said Hans Nieuwpoort, the Fisher Europe Quick Ship Programme Director. “This programme means that more of our customers have speedy access to critical replacements – minimising plant downtime and lost revenue.”

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