Monday, 19 September 2011

Hydrogen analysers for high CO & H2S conditions

Quantitech has launched two new hydrogen analysers from H2scan which can uniquely operate in high levels of Carbon Monoxide (up to 20%) and Hydrogen Sulphide (up to 10%).

Commenting on the market potential for these new sensors, Quantitech MD Keith Golding says: "Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) are common contaminants in the Oil and Gas sector, so the ability to measure hydrogen at such high levels of contamination will be a major advantage to this sector, particularly in work with Syngas."

There are two versions of the new hydrogen analysers; the HY-OPTIMA™ 740 is suitable for process applications not requiring explosion-proof certification, and the 1740 is IS-rated for hazardous locations. Both offer real-time indication, accurate hydrogen monitoring within multi-component and varying-component gas compositions, and do not require a reference gas.

These new models build on the H2scan range of highly accurate and reliable hydrogen specific analysers that are proving extremely popular in the field. For example, Steve Bernardin, Analyser Engineer at BP Cherry Point says, “We’ve used H2scan’s analysers for over a year in challenging, contaminated settings and are extremely happy with their performance. The expansion of the HY-OPTIMA line is extremely beneficial to the process, refinery, and petrochemical industries."

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