Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Secure PCB connection

Souriau’s secure PCB connection for hostile environments, its 8D Double Flange (38999 Series III) enables the panel fixing to be separated from the PCB connection. This is an elegant, robust, high-performance solution for connecting up PCBs in boxes whilst retaining all the flexibility of a standard interface.

The first flange of the 8D Double Flange is fixed to the panel using a jam nut mounting system, and the second flange is there to hold the printed circuit board in position. This separation between the two means that shocks and vibrations are not transmitted to the contacts, ensuring greater robustness.

The company can supply MIL-STD-1560 layouts in all sizes (from 9 to 25). The contacts have no shoulder, which means it is also possible to solder them to boards of varying thickness by reflow or wave soldering.

A zinc-nickel protective coating is offered as standard. In addition to being RoHS compliant, it also has the advantage of offering high resistance to salt spray, and keeping ensuring good continuity of electrical contact at the same time.

This means that the ground can be optimally connected to the PCB, helping provide better EMI protection between the connector and the upper side of the PCB.
This will be particularly valuable in the case of a multi-layer PCB with external metallisation.

Finally, Souriau can offer its customers a complete 3D CAD (Step) modelling package, to help system engineers achieve accurate sizing of their boxes.

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