Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Not just hot air!

A new old show for 2013!

Actually, it’s not really a ‘new’ show; it’s a greatly expanded version of the MCERTS (for air) events with which you will be familiar.

The event will still focus on air emissions, but it will now also focus on a wide range of closely related subjects such as workplace monitoring, confined space, ambient monitoring, leak detection, fugitive emissions, fenceline monitoring, abatement etc. As a result it will appeal to specific people within almost every industry.

One of the major differences is that AQE 2013 will address the many thousands of industrial emissions that are controlled by Local Authorities.

It’s still in Telford (GB) and there will still be a Conference, an Exhibition and a large number of Workshops.

Basically it may be said that AQE 2013 is a specialist event for anyone with a professional or academic interest in air quality.

See our Events Page for exhibitions and other events of interest to the automation professional.

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