Thursday, 8 September 2011

MCERTS approval for flowmeter

An advanced water/wastewater flow meter from Nivus UK has been awarded MCERTS product certification by SIRA, the body which manages MCERTS on behalf of the Environment Agency of England and Wales (EA).

The Nivus OCM Pro CF (incorporating POA Sensor) Echo Profile Flowmeter is an area velocity flow meter which employs the cross correlation principle to deliver highly accurate open channel flow measurement.

Following a rigorous testing programme, this flow meter was found to meet the strict specification and performance requirements of the MCERTS scheme for flow monitoring in open channels between 0 to 2 m/s velocity and 0.1 to 1m depth. Typical applications for the flow meter are as diverse as abstraction, wastewater treatment, stormwater, industrial wastewater, cooling water, sluice stages in rivers and irrigation

Emphasising the importance of the MCERTS certificate, David Miles from Nivus  said: "This represents authoritative third party evidence that the flow meter performs with high levels of accuracy and reliability. The MCERTS certificate will support the expansion of the Nivus range into the UK, which has recently been boosted by the appointment of Mike Smith who is now responsible for service and technical support.

"MCERTS certification is now obligatory for all new and replacement flow meters for EA regulated processes, so our customers can be confident that this meter will satisfy the requirements of their discharge consent. Furthermore, we believe that this is the most accurate open channel flow meter in the world without an additional primary measurement device."

The MCERTS scheme is based upon the premise that quality data is dependent upon the proper use of methods, standards, services and equipment, trained and qualified personnel, effective planning, quality assurance and quality control. The deployment of MCERTS certified products therefore provides operators with an opportunity to deliver higher levels of confidence in monitoring data under the EA's Operator Self-Monitoring (OSM) programme.

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