Friday, 16 September 2011

Temp, flow & pressure calibration

New Calibrator for Temperature Flow & Pressure

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Quantitech has launched a new hand-held calibrator; the TCR Tecora Flowcal, which has been developed to enable the fast, accurate calibration of high volume air samplers.

Traceable to UKAS standards, the Flowcal provides a convenient and highly accurate method with which to check the performance of air samplers such as the ECHO ambient air particulate sampler. The Flowcal is able to operate either of two flow cells: a Hi Flow cell, with a range of 150 – 600 l/min and a Mid Flow cell, with a range of 10 – 60 l/min.

The Flowcal is already being used in Britain by users of the ECHO high volume air sampler for ambient monitoring. Quantitech's Dominic Duggan says: "The Flowcal is an ideal accessory for such samplers because of its accuracy and simplicity; the unit's screen commands guide users through the process, storing data for subsequent transfer to PC. As a result it is possible to perform a traceable calibration on any air sampler, in the field and in just a few minutes."

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