Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Compact gas analyser expanded

A new version of the Ultramat 23 gas analyser from the Siemens Industry Automation Division records the concentration of oxygen using a paramagnetic measuring cell. The analyser combines the measurement of up to three infrared-sensitive gases and the paramagnetic oxygen measuring principle in one unit.

This new version supplements the previous versions of the analyser with electrochemical measuring cells. The most significant advantage of the paramagnetic measuring cell is its high sensitivity. It is now possible to reliably measure low oxygen concentrations in the range of less than 0.5 percent. In addition, the paramagnetic measurement can also be used with dry gases. Continuous analysis of gas concentrations using the Ultramat 23 means that process states can be precisely measured and effectively controlled. Typical applications for the new Siemens gas analyser include process controls in the cement and steel industries. Furthermore, the combination of Ultramat 23 with a paramagnetic measuring cell and Ultramat 23 with an H2S sensor is suitable for quality control during the production of biomethane and feeding of biogas into commercial gas distribution networks.

The automatic calibration function with ambient air significantly reduces the maintenance requirements. The open interface architecture with RS 485 based protocols, Profibus PA/DP, and ELAN supports and simplifies process integration. Furthermore, remote operation and control of the analyser is possible via Siprom GA or Simatic PDM (Process Device Manager).

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