Thursday, 8 September 2011

Power interconnection for harsh operating Environments

The new Souriau product range for power interconnection includes three shell sizes (19, 23 and 25) with silvered contacts able to handle currents up to 800 amps. The design of these connectors is built around the use of Souriau’s Series III inserts and shells. This pedigree results in unrivalled performance under extreme temperatures and vibration, due in particular to the use of the ratcheting system and materials used and qualified for D38999 applications.

The inserts and seals used belong to class 175, which means that high power can be
transmitted, even at sustained temperatures. Although the limiting factor is often the cable used, the use of class 175 inserts is fully justified when the connector is used in a bus bar situation (cf. connector at left in photo), i.e. when the cable is replaced by metal supply plate. The connector contact is then screwed directly onto that plate. This type of connection enables maximal power transmission.

The use of high power may generate interference, which can adversely affect the
performance of the other communication systems found on the equipment. This is why Souriau offers its shielded Series III interface with an EMI ring as standard, along with different rear connection types (elbow or straight) enabling optimal grounding.

The design of these power connectors is fully modular. They can also be used alongside generators (APUs) near the engine block, or further downstream for electrical distribution between equipments. The backshells used are removable, so they can be adjusted at the last minute according to the space constraints encountered when starting wiring; or the elbow connector can be orientated according to the angle of the incoming cable, in order to minimise the residual tension of the cable on the connector.

Finally, these power connectors are available with RoHS Zinc Nickel protection, which is suitable for the 500 hours salt fog withstand and the 500 mating as stated both in the MIL-DTL-38999.

The modularity, materials used and standard interface mean that Souriau’s power product range meets the latest requirements dictated by the advent of hybrid vehicles and the need for greater power in order to cope with the proliferation of on-board equipment.

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