Tuesday, 6 September 2011

When things get really colourful

With their new BFS 33M colour sensor Balluff introduces a true-colour sensor of the highest class. No matter what kind of objects you show the sensor, it can discriminate them all with unerring accuracy. Even the slightest shades, smallest gray level differences or minimal changes to the surface properties are detected without effort. It precisely detects an object and switches the corresponding output with lightning speed. Up to seven objects can be signaled on the switching outputs in this way. In addition the L*a*b color values can also be directly output on a serial interface. Special compensation and individualized calibration means the sensor achieves extremely high accuracy over a long period.

The BFS 33M is more than a simple color sensor. As a True Colour sensor it precisely detects every colour in the technical spectrum, making it ideal for use in a variety of demanding applications including robotics, automated assembly, in the packaging industry or wood processing industry. The rugged aluminum sensor housing is not only attractive and modern, but also meets the special needs of machine and systems builders. The sensor is always used in conjunction with a fiber optic cable, so that applications under especially harsh conditions and tight mounting spaces can be handled.

Together with an optional lens from Balluff even ranges of up to 400mm and beyond are easily within reach. Metal parts in finishing processes can be monitored, or various material qualities selected. The high switching frequency of 1.5 kHz makes it possible to monitor even fast processes such as in the printing industry. All the sensor settings can be conveniently made and displayed using user-friendly software. This means the sensor will not only be up and running in no time, but the user will also always know its status. The BFS 33 is the ideal tool for automated quality control in running processes.

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