Monday, 5 September 2011

Analysis and MasterChef!

Happy cooking on MasterChef!
Eurolec have been the Irish distributor for Grant Instruments for over 25 years. The renowned manufacturer of multi function data loggers and temperature controlled laboratory equipment have in recent years been producing high quality Sous Vide cooking baths for the restaurant & catering sectors – these baths will feature in the forthcoming MasterChef Ireland series in early September.

Recently they were also awarded the British distributorship for the range of Ono Sokki instruments.This is in addition to their existing Irish sales territory

Ono Sokki specialise in a range of hand held and advanced analytical instrumentation especially suited to the automotive and mechanical research sectors including a variety of tachometers (from portable multipurpose units to sophisticated dedicated instruments for e.g. diesel or petrol engines) linear gauges, torque meters and FFT analysers.

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