Wednesday 17 November 2010

Partners for connectivity

InduSoft partners with MatrikonOPC for OPC connectivity

MatrikonOPC™ is partnering with InduSoft Inc. to include MatrikonOPC‘s full range of OPC Servers into the industrial software developer’s InduSoft Web Studio (IWS) v7.0 platform. The partnership will allow a wide range of industrial customers – including manufacturing plants, electric utilities and building automation professionals – to more easily integrate their automation systems with InduSoft Web Studio by using MatrikonOPC’s secure and reliable OPC Servers.

As a member of the MatrikonOPC Global Partner Network, InduSoft will utilize MatrikonOPC servers for third-party OPC data connectivity solutions. The MatrikonOPC Vendor Partner Program enables software and hardware vendors to provide their customers with world-class connectivity software and support while keeping their resources focused on core areas of expertise.

“As a MatrikonOPC Vendor Partner, InduSoft leverages MatrikonOPC technology and expertise to provide InduSoft customers with a superior integration experience,” said Drew Brydon, Program Manager - Vendor Partners at MatrikonOPC. “In addition, InduSoft solutions are now attractive to more customers thanks to its expanded connectivity capabilities.”

“The goal of control automation is to improve operational efficiency, so it only makes sense to combine our software expertise with MatrikonOPC’s server capabilities to achieve that goal. With this partnership, our customers will now reap the benefits of having secure and reliable data connectivity to their systems,” said Marcia Gadbois, vice president of Business Development for InduSoft, Inc.

InduSoft provides a powerful suite of industrial software products for developing applications in industrial automation, instrumentation and embedded systems for all Microsoft-supported operating systems. InduSoft’s technology uses the latest communication standards to access data that is stored on industrial devices and test and measurement equipment. In addition, InduSoft technology converts personal computers, web browsers and remote productivity devices such as cell phones, pagers and personal digital assistants (PDAs) into industrial automation and test and measurement systems.

By partnering with MatrikonOPC to bundle the OPC Servers with IWS, InduSoft increases its already expansive number of communication offerings. Over 240 built-in drivers continue to be included with IWS for communications with all major brands of PLCs, temperature controllers and motion control systems--the MatrikonOPC servers extend this range to DCS systems, electrical utility monitoring, flow computers and building automation systems.

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