Saturday 13 November 2010

High efficiency UPS solution for data & IT application

250KVA standalone UPS with AEG PS building block capability up to 1000KVA

To ensure the continuity of IT services and reduce risk of downtime caused by power outages, AEG Power Solutions has announced PROTECT Blue, its next-generation 3-phase UPS family. Designed and built for maximum flexibility, efficiency and availability, PROTECT Blue is also part of AEG’s Combination Architecture: The new UPS is compatible with renewable and alternative energy storage and sources as well as tomorrow’s SMART Grid and Micro Grid technology
Engineered around AEG Power Solutions building block concept, up to four 250KVA PROTECT Blue UPS can be connected together to support data center loads up to 1MW. PROTECT Blue provides an Eco-friendly UPS solution with low total cost of ownership (TCO) and low carbon impact. PROTECT Blue offers a high performance, compact footprint, competitively priced power protection solution.

“PROTECT Blue has been developed to fulfil the need for high efficiency, high reliability power protection devices for today’s data center and computer room requirements;” Comments Michael Adams, VP Data & IT at AEG Power Solutions. “As a component of our growing Combination Architecture portfolio, its flexible design is optimised for future integration into Micro Grids and other sustainable and renewable systems such as SuperCaps, solar and wind energy.”

PROTECT Blue employs a VFI topology, transformerless design providing high efficiency, greater than 95% under all load conditions, and very low THDI at less than 3%. This class leading performance is obtained by using state of the art IGBT switching and custom designed microprocessors to seamlessly offer N+1 redundant operation. Designed and developed to AEG Power Solutions own requirements these dedicated microprocessors control the UPS rectifier, inverter and static-bypass concurrently.

Local control is via a large, user friendly touch-screen which also displays available battery autonomy and runtime. 3 front panel LEDs are provided to indicate UPS status and an audible alarm sounds if a fault condition occurs. Remote signalling is available from up to 2 stackable cards with user selected configuration. Connection may be via internal modem, RS485, Profibus, Ethernet, SCADA interface or SNMP adapter and PROTECT Blue is supplied with the CompuWatch software suite for remote status control and monitoring.

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