Thursday 11 November 2010

T & M forum instituted

Applications forum to encourage idea exchange, discussions among users of advanced electrical test instruments and systems from DC to RF.

Keithley Instruments is hosting a forum designed to offer customers and users of Keithley instrumentation a central location for finding product support and exchanging applications insights via the web. The forum is moderated by Keithley instrumentation and applications experts, who are on hand to answer questions and direct forum visitors to sources of additional information, including Keithley application notes and white papers, web seminars, etc.

Peter Griffiths, Keithley's director of applications engineering, explains, "Many of our customers raise many of the same product and applications questions. The user forum provides instant, round-the-clock access to many of the answers they need to do their jobs. If something hasn't already been addressed in the forum, a user can post a question and get an answer quickly, either from a Keithley expert or from another user who has solved a similar problem. For users, that means help when they need it - not just during normal support hours."

The forum is logically organised by standard product descriptions and application types to help visitors quickly find the most up-to-date information available on specific topics. The product support section includes boards devoted to Source Measurement Units (SMUs), semiconductor test products, digital multimeters (DMM s), specialized power supplies, switch systems, low level measurement and sourcing, other instrument products, data acquisition products, accessories, software, drivers, and hardware service and support. The application support section covers topics such as low current, low voltage, Hall Effect, organic device, nanotechnology , solar cell and resistivity measurements, as well as emerging technologies such as graphene , high voltage discretes for power switching, high brightness LEDs, hybrid automotive electronics, memory (including flash, phase change, NVM, resistive), and display technologies.

The user forum is the latest addition to Keithley's expanding list of customer support programs. In addition, the company has developed a growing list of "how-to" videos designed to help customers make the most productive use of their instrumentation. These videos can be viewed on Keithley Instruments YouTube channel.

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