Friday 12 November 2010

Chassis mounting kit for DC/DC converters

Calex has launched the MS22 Mounting Kit for half-brick DC/DC converters.

The MS22 provides an off-the-shelf solution for prototyping or mounting a DC/DC converter in an enclosure. It is a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for a printed circuit board for the converter.

It accommodates Calex half-brick DC/DC converters including the 150 watt HEW Series, which offers a 9 to 36 V DC input range, making the units suitable for battery powered 12 V sytems, 24 V industrial and 28 V military applications. It is available on a stand-alone basis or with a customer-specified half-brick DC/DC converter mounted on the board.

This mounting kit includes an input fuse for protection, as well as input capacitors for lower input impedance to the DC/DC converter. It also includes on-board barrier strips allowing screw terminal connections for all the converter's input and output functions. The converter is mounted on the opposite side of the barrier strips to facilitate heatsinking.

The dimensions of the MS22 are 129.5 mm (5.1") L x 76.2 mm (3") W. The total height of the board, with a half-brick converter mounted, is 34.8 mm (1.37").

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