Monday 22 November 2010

Single- and 3-Phase Non-invasive AC Current Probes

GMC-I PROSyS enables a new level of accuracy and ease-of-use with the introduction of its PRO-flex ACP 3000 series of flexible AC current probes.  The probes measure AC current from 100 mA to 3 kA, or to 6 kA, depending on the model. Each features three ranges (30/300/3000A or 60/600/6000A) covering almost every light-industrial or industrial measurement application, including power quality and transient currents,  machine monitoring and commissioning, and welding.

The PRO-flex ACP 3000 probe head offers a combination of attributes not previously available in a single unit. Measurements are totally non-invasive, requiring no disconnection of primary conductors, or electrical connections to the primary circuit.  Rogowski-coil technology is employed, ensuring accuracy, linearity and wide dynamic range measurements.  The sensing coil or coils (one per phase in the case of the three-phase model) are flexible, air-cored and lightweight, permitting the user to place them around primary conductors even in the most confined or hard-to-reach locations.  Each individual detecting coil features an advanced coupling design (allowing the user to open the loop to pass it around the conductor) that ensures accurate, consistent closure of the loop, provides sealing to IP65 for use in harsh environments, and virtually eliminates the influence of external magnetic fields and off-centre conductor position on measured results.

GMC-I PROSyS’ use of Rogowski coil technology guarantees absence of any magnetic saturation or hysteresis effects, and enables a frequency response that extends from 10 Hz to 10 kHz (flat within 1 dB) for harmonic measurements in power-quality applications.  At mains frequencies (45 to 65 Hz), phase error is below 1 degree; excellent transient voltage (dV/dt) rejection provides reliable operation in electrically-noisy environments.  The probes feature a 2000-hour battery life on internal power.  There is also an external power option available. The PRO-flex ACP 3000 probe head and integrator design meet the safety requirements for 600V CAT IV, 1000V CAT III rating.  Probes output a calibrated voltage level that is directly related to the target current, enabling direct connection to almost any multimeter, oscilloscope or data logger. An innovative design of integrator filters low frequency noise and resonant peaks without affecting lower-frequency measurements.

The PRO-flex ACP 3000’s integrator unit measures just 110 x 65 x 23 mm, and connects to the probe-head coil assemblies via 2m of cable.

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